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Independents with slave service - the best solution when you want to remove the sexual tension due to subordination of the partner. Not every girl is ready to understand non-standard sexual inclinations of his chosen one, endure pain and humiliation. Realize fantasy and learn the true enjoyment it is possible at sex without obligation in the company of a prostitute. Only pleasure, unquestioning submission, no taboos and condemnations.

Services individual slaves

Confused able to provide quality rest, the opportunity to relax and not be shy about your desires. Order a prostitute with a slave service want to implement BDSM practitioner:

  • Foot fetish. Irresistible attraction to shoes or partner's feet.
  • Suspension. Fixing a girl by hanging in a tied condition.
  • Fracturophilia. Getting pleasant sensations when seeing people connected, in an orthopedic corset or device for stretching arms and legs.
  • Bondage It is a limitation on the mobility of a slave. Carried out by cage, riveting, tying or flooding feet and hands hands with plaster.
  • Fisting. Introduction into the anus or vagina of the arm.
  • Golden Rain. Urinating a slave.
  • Feyssiting. Sitting on the head of a partner.
  • Sensory deprivation. It constitutes a limitation or deprivation of a partner’s opportunity use one of the senses, such as hearing, smell, taste, vision, touch in a particular session. This is done using certain devices, such as bandages, an ear plug, gags and masks.
  • Forniphilia. Use slaves as furniture or coasters.
  • Mummification. Represents one of the varieties of bondage, characterized by swaddling human body for immobilization. Sometimes used in combination with mask, depriving of sight and dulling hearing, or gag, ear plugs. One of types of mummification consider bondage using a vacuum cube or vacuum beds.

Order prostitutes with service slave for spanking

More often fantasy is associated with flagellation. For this kind of BDSM usually three types of devices are used: movable (whip, whip, flogger), flexible (stack, rods) and rigid (slap, paddle). The cost of sex slaves depends on how deep you are ready immerse yourself in your imagination. It is better to discuss wishes in advance, so that nothing could spoil the experience. A cheaper meeting will cost on your territory. However, eating an individual with apartments has several advantages:

  • entourage, conducive to achieving long ecstasy;
  • distraction from fresh daily routine;
  • range improvised tools for BDSM experiments.

It is better to discuss with the girl the full scenario of the meeting. Maybe you don’t limit yourself to flogging, you want to roughly take possession of a slave. Independents have in its arsenal a set of traditional intimate services: vaginal and anal sex, blowjob, ending on face, in mouth.

Sex slaves at a low cost

You can order a beautiful girl for flogging or anal fisting directly now. On our website presented profiles with inexpensive sex slavesready fast to fulfill any whim, take part in a group gang bang. Choose girls for photos and descriptions of services, arrange in advance about the meeting and price. So you are guaranteed to get what you want, 100% satisfied with the girl and her behavior!


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