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1 hour: 5000 RUB
2 hours: 10000 RUB
Night: 30000 RUB
1 hour: 10000 RUB
2 hours: 20000 RUB
Night: 60000 RUB
1 hour: 5000 RUB
2 hours: 8000 RUB
Night: 20000 RUB
1 hour: 8000 RUB
2 hours: 12000 RUB
Night: 35000 RUB
1 hour: 5000 RUB
2 hours: -
Night: -

Order a prostitute with a service mistress want men who in real life are endowed power. BDSM games allow you to learn non-traditional sexual practices, reach new horizons ecstasy, distract from worries due to complete immersion in the image.

Why do you want to remove a whore mrs

Extravagant entertainment in bed and not only open new horizons for embodiment erotic dreams. The most common BDSM practices include the following:

  • Flogging. It is an impact on the buttocks of a partner using the palms, belt and other, rigid or flexible, specialized devices.
  • Flagellation. Spanking a partner with a variety of flexible devices such as a whip, a whip or whip. If will come sex mistress at home, game options may be limited. It is more interesting to look for a dominant with specially equipped apartments.
  • Pony play Interesting a prelude in which a slave / slave is perceived as a horse.
  • Pet play The game, when the “lower” partner plays the role of an animal, most often a dog.
  • Branding. Drawing on the partner’s body a “indelible” image, which is a symbol accessories.
  • Bastinado It consists in striking in the footsteps of a rattan or bamboo cane, paddle. So that the partner cannot stop his torment, the legs are pre-fixed, which robs them of mobility.

What you need to discuss when ordering prostitutes with service mrs

Spanking - Essential part of a love game with bdsm elements. At order whores and mistresses подбирается набор аксессуаров:

  • The whip. Product, consisting of a woven leather tail with a core and a stiff handle. At the end tail performed by a knot or cracker. Product length ranges from 60 up to 100 cm. A variant is possible in which the handle is absent (snake).
  • Whip. More a long version of the whip, but the presence of a handle is required. Handle length reaches 0.2-1 meters, and the tail has a length of 1.5-12 meters. At the end of the tail is present a halyard made of leather or other material.
  • Flogger. The whip having several smooth tails.
  • Paddle Special wooden plate.
  • Stack. Short a thin and elastic cane at the end of which is a cord or piece of leather. Under normal conditions it is used for dog training or horseback riding.
  • Cane. Thin bamboo stick. It is used in bastinado.

Also possible use for flogging any improvised means that will deliver to the client pleasure. All action is done at his request, however, requests are accepted before the start of extravagant games. After mistress will be adamant to pleas until the client reaches a peak enjoyment.

Where to take sex mistress at home and with apartments

Despite the density population of the capital, even here it’s difficult to find a professional dominant. To to simplify the task of finding a girl for spicy entertainment, we have collected profiles of whores with the service mistress in one location. You can quickly navigate the features provided sex Moscow services, their cost, pick up companion for the evening, ensure yourself unforgettable rest and the thrill. All actions of an individual are made after obtaining the consent of the partner.

Girls from the site collection bastards quickly transform into the desired image, ready to provide unforgettable impressions of a single man, woman, couple, group of people, fond of non-traditional sexual practices or entering the metropolitan BDSM community. Order sex with peppercorn, discover new milestones of bliss through pain and humiliation!


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