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Foot fetish service

1 hour: 2000 RUB
2 hours: 4000 RUB
Night: 12000 RUB
1 hour: 3000 RUB
2 hours: 6000 RUB
Night: 15000 RUB
1 hour: 3000 RUB
2 hours: 6000 RUB
Night: 15000 RUB
1 hour: 10000 RUB
2 hours: 20000 RUB
Night: 60000 RUB
1 hour: 8000 RUB
2 hours: 12000 RUB
Night: 35000 RUB

Independents with foot fetish service - popular priestesses of love. Pathological attraction to the feet - the most a common type of fetishism in which non-sexual interest organs. Excitation is caused both by the appearance of the feet, and their touches, taste, movements. The most exciting effect smell.

What can be expected when ordering a prostitute with a foot fetish service

Foot fetish is often combined with an interest in shoes and stockings. Fetishists are attracted by untidy partners in ripped jeans, pantyhose or stockings, open shoes (slippers or sandals), without it. Very exciting women in heels, with decorations on the fingers and ankles. Order a prostitute with a foot fetish service want to to get the most out of your imagination. Girl can take everything into account wishes, deliver maximum enjoyment fromsexy play

Nuances of choosing an individual with a foot fetish service

The greatest distribution of sexual fun with the use of feet was among men. This foot fetish is called classic, relevant for many hundreds of years. However, not every partner is ready to put up with such oddities even of her beloved man. Get Guaranteed pleasure from your hobby is possible if take off whore on house for foot fetish. Really pick up a girl who maximizes satisfy imagination. For fetishists such characteristics are of great importance, like shape:

  • toes them length and proportion;
  • nails, pedicures and grooming;
  • foot and color skin.

Independents may own all or several foot fetish techniques:

  • finger sucking partner's legs;
  • massaging the feet;
  • vaginal / phallus stimulation heel or pad under the fingers;
  • sniffing feet;
  • kicking to the partner;
  • finger licking and gaps between them;
  • licking feet.

How to properly remove a whore at home for foot fetish

Foot fetish involves bdsm experiments like flogging feet, or bastinado, tickling, injections, or applying high and low temperatures. One more from practices related to foot fetish, it is considered to stomp the body of one of participants in a love game or pressing his head with his feet to the floor, forcing to suck fingers or licking soles. It is important that the partner be ready for such treatment. It's easier to experiment with a prostitute. On our portal presented profiles of whores with foot fetish service. You can pick up any girl for restt

  • Slavic appearance;
  • representative Asian race;
  • African American
  • high thin;
  • from small / big feet;
  • young, experienced at age.

To reach ecstasy and to get unforgettable impressions, we recommend that you discuss all the nuances in advance upcoming date. After an exciting foreplay, a bright suggestion is possible. Confused provide a variety of intimate services:

  • classical sex;
  • anal coitus;
  • cum on face;
  • deep laryngeal blowjob.

Do not be shy about your desires. Independents are ready with understanding relate to the problem, do everything possible so that the client remains at 100% satisfied with their work and body!


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